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Geoff Bamber
Working in the Following Genres:
Plays With (Optional) Music
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

Geoff Bamber became a primary school teacher because, at the time, he could not think of anything else to do and assumed that it would only be temporary employment until he found a proper job. After more years than he cares to remember he realised that the proper job was not about to materialise so he gave up teaching anyway to concentrate on writing, clearing out his garage and pottering about aimlessly. He started devising plays for his pupils for no better reason than it looked good fun. His view is that, for many people, the 'school play' is the nearest they ever get to live theatre, either as performers or audience members, and, if nothing else, such enterprises serve as an antidote to the education system's never-ending desire to take itself too seriously.

Most of Geoff's plays for youth theatre organisations and schools are designed for casts of 10 to 14 year-olds but can be adapted for older age groups. This applies particularly to his selection of pantomimes which are often done by adult groups. His plays can be produced with very little in the way of stage furniture or sound and lighting equipment. His material has been used extensively in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia as well as over fifty other countries.

Geoff has also produced and directed musical productions for children and contributed poems and even songs to a range of presentations. He lists his interest as football (he became a follower of Chelsea in the days when they had no money), rugby (his undistinguished playing career was cut short by a combination of old-age, injury, cowardice and lack of any real talent) and pub quizzes (at which he enjoys some success due to an obsession with useless information at the expense of knowing anything of any value.) His cultural icons are the singer Robert Palmer and the novelist Tom Sharpe. His main theatrical influences are the Whitehall farces of Brian Rix and the films of Will Hay. He believes that the greatest book ever written in the English language was Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat.

Geoff delights in adding twists to familiar stories - thus in Cinders, the handsome prince runs off with an older woman, leaving Cinderella with a much better match, whilst in Hood, Marian is cheerfully abandoned to the ruthless Sheriff. Geoff seldom lets historical accuracy get in the way of a good story. Thus mobile phones and Satnav devices appear in his Shakespearean adaptations. He has also written a number of plays in the comedy/farce genre for use by adult amateur dramatic societies as well as several novels available in both digital and written formats. (Unfortunately he can't find anyone willing to admit that they have read any of them!)
Aladdin [Short Version]HoodMother Goose [Short Version]
Babes in the Wood [Short Version]Jack and his Amazing Multi-Coloured BeanstalkSleeping Beauty [Short Version]
CindersThe King of Spain's TreasureThe True Story of Richard Whittington Esq.
Plays With (Optional) Music (by Geoff Bamber)
 The Fourth Princess 
Plays With (Optional) Music (by Geoff Bamber with songs by Stuart Ardern)
 Scotch Broth 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Ali Baba and the Four ThievesI, TiberiusThe Queen's Orchid
Anything You Say, Your MajestyI've Been Expecting You, Mr SmirkRedd
The Ballad of Jessica JamesIf You Go Down To The Woods TodayRichard III - Has Anybody Seen My Horse
The Battle of HastingsIncident at Mulberry RoadRobin Hood and the King's Bling
Beauty and The Beast [Short Version]Invasion from Planet ZorgonRobinson Crusoe - No Man Is An Island
Bobbin and the TravellersKing Arthur - Crisis at CamelotRole Play
BondingKing Boleslav the BumblerRomeo and Juliet
The BridgeKing Charles and the CheeseRumpelstiltskin - What's in a Name
Butterfly ShoesKing Henry VIIIThe Saga of Freydis and the Raiders
Can You See It From Here?King LearScoop Jackson
The ChairL.A. Gendry And The Tomb Of KalosSherlock Holmes and The Book of Secret Secrets
Cleopatra and the Roman WayMacbethSherlock Holmes and The Emerald of Alcazar
CopperfieldThe Magician's AssistantShop!
Courting AuroraMargolin and the Sacred Crystal of GalloranThe Silent Princess
Detective Mimms and The SnafflerMegan and the Golden KeySmugglers
Dirk Smirk - Secret AgentA Midsummer Night's DreamSnow White and the Seven Robbers
Dracula - The Final CountdownMonty's BarrowStand and Deliver [Kids Play]
The End of the RainbowMusketeerThe Tempest
Exit Stage LeftNativity - The Christmas StoryThe Tin Cup
The Farmer and the Charuba SeedsNellie's CottageTwist
Five Days in MayOh, Mr Shakespeare!Two Gentlemen of Verona
Frankenstein's Last ChancePerseus and the Gorgon's HeadVectors of Power
Georgina and the DragonThe Phantom And The PhoenixWaiting for Pandora
Hamlet - What Was The Question?The Pied Piper of Hamelin - A Question of RatsWhat's Up, Icarus?
Hansel and Gretel [Short Play]Pipkin and the AngelWhich Witch?
Hood - The SequelProf's Big IdeaThe Willow Tree
Hornet GirlPuss in Boots [Short Version]Wilma Tell - The Swiss Miss
HumbugThe Quality of Mersey 
Full-Length Plays (by Geoff Bamber)
Art for Art's SakeFlat SpinThe Sharp End
Clutching at StrawsHow Does Your Garden Grow?A Spot of Murder
Deborah's PartyQuizzersThree O'Clock Bun
The Devenish CurseReading Between The LinesTiger, Tiger
Diplomatic RelationsThe ReunionWhere the Brass Bands Play
Fishing for CluesThe Second Friday Of The Month 
Full-Length Plays (by Geoff Bamber)
 Murder in Check 
One-Act Plays
Pride, Prejudice and Other Useful QualitiesRoom Eight-Zero-Seven 
The Romantic Legend of Don Quixote - A Knight to RememberThe Second Friday Of The Month 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
 Imaginary Friends 
eBooks and Audio Books
 A Little Local Difficulty eBook 

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