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TLC Creative
Don't look now Mr Badger but the one behind me is Damian Trasler.
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Religious or Moral Plays
Collections of Scripts
Steve Clark - visionary blue-skies thinker
Damian Trasler Pictured left, clutching an award for one of his plays so tightly that it is no longer legible.
Leaving the grind of the civil service behind for the carefree life of a full-time writer, Damian quickly fell into the habit of penning award-winning plays. Sadly, though they won awards, no one bought them, so it was greatly to his advantage that he was taken under the wing of two other writers to form TLC creative. With two other minds to bounce ideas off, and more importantly, two other voices telling him to finish the plays he'd started, Damian soon found international success in the fields of Panto, one acts and sketches. One of the short plays has been turned into an independent film, and others have gone on to win awards in the UK and US. In addition to the TLC Creative pantomime scripts, some of Damian's sketches and ten-minute plays and one-act plays are published by Lazy Bee Scripts. Damian hopes to make the leap from short plays and one acts to the dizzy heights of full-length plays before his wife forces him back into full time employment.
David Lovesy Second left, in one of his regular arguments with a badger.
David has been writing and performing his own material for over eight years. A stand-up comedian by evening, technomonkey and graphic designer by day, David has considerable experience in writing for both performance and the corporate sector, from business presentation speeches to pantomime. He now spends his stage time with improvisational comedy and performing in Murder Mystery evenings. Anything to get away from learning lines.
Steve Clark Pictured right (with his head in the clouds).
Steve has been looking for excuses to dress up (in male and female attire), perform on stage and generally make a spectacle of himself since junior school and now performs regularly in musicals and pantomimes. He also writes and plays roles in Murder Mysteries Parties and comperes Comedy Improvisation shows. Steve has written comic pieces and plays for revue/cabaret and radio performance. He also enjoys directing and producing.
Together, they are TLC Creative writers of pantomimes, plays, murder mysteries and bespoke scripts, and creators of extraordinary merchandise.
TLC Creative's series of brilliantly successful pantomimes has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts, along with award winning plays, and numerous sketches. Lazy Bee Scripts also publishes the Murder Mystery Scripts written by David and Steve (as part of 'Really Horrid Productions'). Strictly speaking, they are not scripts, since there is no fixed text! Instead they are Murder Mystery Scenarios, which contain a plot and lots of character information which allows the cast of a Murder Mystery to improvise dialogue and interact with the audience whilst staying in character (at least up to the point where 'character' becomes 'corpse'). TLC Creative have also developed a range of merchandise and materials for thesps and those prone to pantomime! Their range (at least so far) includes Theatrical greetings cards. Kids' pantomime fun-packs, the DAFTA award certificates, spoof adverts for programmes, spoof audio adverts and calendars.
TLC Creative stand in the way of the south of England as it gradually falls into the sea.
L, T and C in that order. Photograph of TLC Creative by Damian's wife, which probably accounts for his puzzled look.
Pantomime (by tlc Creative)
1001 Arabian Nights and a MatineeDick Whittington [Version 3]Schoolroom Sketch
Aladdin [Small Cast, Short Version]Goldilocks and the Three BearsSinbad the Sailor
Aladdin [Version 3]Jack and the BeanstalkSnow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs
Babes in the WoodKnight FeverWatch This Space [Pantomime]
Cinderella [Version 2]Puss in Boots [Version 2] 
Pantomime (by tlc Creative)
Pantomime (by TLC Creative)
Pantomime (by TLC Creative)
 Mother Goose [Version 2] 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre (by tlc Creative)
 Nursery Crimes: Four and Twenty 
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre (by Damian Trasler)
The Big Courtroom DramaThe Nativity ProblemNursery Crimes
More Nursery CrimesNursery Crime Scene InvestigationNursery Crimes - The Egg's Files
Full-Length Plays (by tlc Creative)
 Nursery Crimes - The Catnap Kidnap Caper 
Full-Length Plays (by Damian Trasler)
 Merely Players 
One-Act Plays (by tlc Creative)
The Crying DameMaking Theatre History 
Loitering Within TentNursery Crimes - The Da Wincey Code 
One-Act Plays (by Damian Trasler)
CosPlayThe Golf War WidowsTaking Minutes, Wasting Hours!
Digging Up Edwin PlantThe Kitchen SkirmishesA Time for Farewells
Don't Mention the DreamLove in the Time of ZombiesWaiting for Twist Stiffly
Fight for the FutureOutside the AuditionWork in Progress
For Sale - Baby Shoes - Never WornThe Red Balloon 
The Friday Night Radio PlayThe Source Of Denial 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by tlc Creative)
At the Gates of ValhallaFantasy GamesTerritorial Actors
The Birth of WomankindGodfather ChristmasTwo Cops
COBRAIn the BookshopUpgrades
ConfessionalMedieval Help Desk 
The Crime Done in RhymeNelson's Driving Test 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by Damian Trasler)
After the MatineeGetoutofmyfacedotcomMortal Fears
The Amazing Adventures of Frog ManThe Greatest Invention In HistoryThe Ninth Wonder of the World
At the Bus StopI Sold My Soul to SantaThe Non-Emergency Call
Back in the BookshopIn the Computer ShopOn the Way to Mars
Behavioural ProblemsIn the GalleryOne Hell of an Interview
A Brand New Ancient TraditionIn the Human Resources OfficeParents' Evening at Magic School
Budget AirlinesIn the Magic ShopThe Secret of Giving Up Smoking
A Captivating SituationIn the Secret ServiceThe Spa
CowboyIt's not the end of the WorldStrange New Worlds
Cube FarmingThe Joke CentreSuperhero Holiday
The Earthquake DrillLooking for Mr EvilThree Sons
Enjoying the OutdoorsThe Loss of Atlantis 2Two Authors
The Family Planning ClinicThe Loss of AtlantisThe Uncomfortable Announcer
Fashion SchoolThe Love ClinicThe Vacuuming Sketch
The Four Yorkshiremen of the ApocalypseMinimum Security HolidayWe Interrupt This Revolution
The Frustrated PoetMiranda Finds HerselfYes, but how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by Damian Trasler & David Lovesy)
In the OpticiansTwo BarmenViral Tune Life Form
Shakespeare Re-imaginedTwo Farmers 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by David Lovesy & Steve Clark)
Anything to Declare?The Haunting of Hardup Hall 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by Damian Trasler & Steve Clark)
The Second AmendmentTwo Surgeons 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by TLC Creative)
Bomber CommandThe Food Rationing AuctionMilitary Intelligence
Cash in the AtticThe Health and Safety InspectorThe Not So Great Escape
Changing BoomsHit ManRussell at the Doctor
The Code Breakers of Bletchley ParkKeeping up with the AndersonsThe Traffic Warden
Evil LaughThe Land Army 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by David Lovesy)
Battlefield Re-EnactmentA Job for Un-lifeShopping Habits
The Business MeetingPanda SolutionSoccer School
CatapultThe Petting ZooSoul Bargain
Cops and RobbersPhone BlackmailThe Two Igors
A Day At A Spa ResortPirate RadioThe Wonders Of Science
FundraiserPoetry ShowcaseZoocatraz
Heading HomeRedundancy 
The HitchhikerRobin The Taxman 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by TLC Creative)
Break Both LegsMaking up the Make-UpPitching the Show
The DivaNailing The AuditionSecuring the Sponsor
First Night NervesNo Such Thing as Bad PublicityA Well Organised Rehearsal
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays (by David Lovesy & Brian Two)
Imagine You Are A TreeShyfari 
Is This A Sketch?Skindeep Safari 
Religious or Moral Plays
Are We There Yet?The Football ManagerThe Match Girl Controversy
The Atheist MissionariesIn God's OfficeOn A Street Corner
Collections of Scripts (by tlc Creative)
An Hour You Won't Get BackNursery Crimes - the Complete Series 
Collections of Scripts (by TLC Creative)
The Bright and Shiny Radio Show [Family Edition]The Bright and Shiny Radio Show [Robust Edition]Skitskrieg
Collections of Scripts (by TLC Creative)
 The Talky Bits 
Murder Mysteries (by Really Horrid Productions)
M'Nango ValleyA Recipe for MurderI'm Your Number One Fang
Murder at the ManorMedia MurderWho Sleighed Santa
Mates Meet AgainTheatre of Horror 
Murder Mysteries (by Die Laughing Murder Mysteries)
Robin Hood and His Merry MenaceDead Men Don't Get DessertAnne Gets Cleaved
Oliver with a TwistDial M for Monster 
LepreCONThey Never See It Coming 
eBooks and Audio Books (by tlc Creative)
Pantomime Fun-Pack (Monochrome)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 2 (Colour)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 4 (Monochrome)
Pantomime Fun-Pack (Colour)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 3 (Monochrome)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 4 (Colour)
Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 2 (Monochrome)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 3 (Colour) 
eBooks and Audio Books (by Damian Trasler)
 Writing a Play for the Amateur Stage - eBook 
eBooks and Audio Books (by TLC Creative &
Four and Twenty AdvertisementsThe Greatest Four and Twenty Ads CD in the KingdomFour & Twenty Advertisements, The Third and Youngest
Theatrical Paraphernalia (by tlc Creative)
Pantomime Fun-Pack (Monochrome)Spoof Fairytale Adverts - ColourSpoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour
Pantomime Fun-Pack (Colour)The DAFTA AwardsPantomime Fun-Pack Version 4 (Monochrome)
Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 2 (Monochrome)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 3 (Monochrome)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 4 (Colour)
Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 2 (Colour)Pantomime Fun-Pack Version 3 (Colour)Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 3) - Monochrome
Spoof Fairytale Adverts - MonochromeSpoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - MonochromeSpoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 3) - Colour
Theatrical Paraphernalia (by TLC Creative &
Four and Twenty Advertisements - Audio CDThe Greatest Four and Twenty Ads CD in the KingdomFour & Twenty Advertisements, The Third - Audio CD
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by tlc Creative)
 1001 Nights rehearsal CD 
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by TLC Creative &
 Mother Goose [Version 2] Backing CD 
Recordings - CDs and MP3s (by
Puss in Boots [Version 2] Backing CDGoldilocks and the Three Bears Backing CD 

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