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David Pemberton
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
About the Author
David has written ten plays for adults, schools and youth groups published by Lazy Bee Scripts. Over recent years, they have been produced in Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France and Italy by schools and youth groups, stage schools, colleges and amateur dramatic societies.

David started writing plays because he couldn't find any fresh, funny and innovative shows to direct. As a former Head of Drama, he thought he knew a bit about theatre and as a former Head of English, he thought he knew how to write. It is no surprise then, that his plays are his rebellious children.

David is available for public appearances, talks, press nights or most things to do with writing and the theatre, providing there is tea and biscuits. Please contact Lazy Bee.

Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Dangerous Dolls - The Battle for Santy’s ToyshopLittle King ArthurThe Strictly Talent Factory
The Holiday ShowSecret Agent Scout 
Full-Length Plays
Any Colour But RedLast Train to Sleepy Hollow 
One-Act Plays
American DreamingCaptain Bluebeard's MonkeyAn Indecent Exposure
Any Colour But RedA Date With DraculaLast Train to Sleepy Hollow

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