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Pat Wollaston
Working in the Following Genres:
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
So. Who is Pat Wollaston?
Pat has now retired from treading the boards and decided to turn to writing after almost 40 years on the amateur stage as award winning actor, director, producer, stage manager and general dogsbody (not necessarily in that order). The majority of those 40 years were with various groups under the umbrella of the Royal Navy Theatre Association (RNTA). He had written Pantomime scripts for many years for whichever company he was with at the time, then in 2005 he was asked to try his hand at some 'real' script writing. And so his first play 'Family Spirit', a comedy ghost story, was born. This was produced in 2006 to great acclaim and won the RNTA original script award. This play has now been produced across the UK and has been produced in Australia where it was performed as part of the Victoria Drama League Festival.
Ladies catered for....
Many theatre companies have the chaps far outnumbered by the ladies, so his pantomime, 'The Four Musketeers', was written with this in mind. Having four 'Pricipal Boys' and two other main female parts to give more of the ladies a fighting chance at a leading role. He directed and produced this in 2007 and the ladies were very grateful not to be propping up the chorus line again. The Four Musketeers has recently finished a successful run at Wesward Ho! Follies. Ho yes it has...
April Groom
In September 2013 his short play 'April Groom' was produced for the MADC One Act Play Festival in Malta, winning two of the six awards available. It has since been produced at the Atrium Theatre at the University of South Wales and in Canada.
 The Four Musketeers 
Full-Length Plays
 Family Spirit 
One-Act Plays
April GroomFamily Spirit 

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