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Mark Billen
'Bl ... Bl ... Bluebeard!' - Glebe House School, Norfolk, UK 2006
The first production of 'All in the Stars' - Kentwood Kids, Los Angeles 2013
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Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
'Bl... Bl... Bluebeard!'
BL ... BL ... BLUEBEARD! was published in September 2005 and the first production was booked within twenty four hours! Since then the play has been performed in UK, USA, Canada and Australia, China and Sri Lanka. The script has been highly praised by directors and much enjoyed by casts and audiences.

'Many people commented that it was one of the best scripts we have ever performed at the Junior School in 14 years so that's praise indeed.'
Furrukh Riaz, Elizabeth Moir Junior School, Sri Lanka
'Seeking Sleeping Beauty' and 'Perfect Pupil'
SEEKING SLEEPING BEAUTY takes a twisted look at the famous story. Dracula has managed to squeeze himself into the play as well as Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and the Old Woman who lives in a shoe.
When the court awakes the princess makes a string of demands that must be fulfilled before she will consider marriage. How can there be a happy ending?

'An enjoyable yarn that brought together so many children's favourites from the fairy tale world. The children loved performing and the audience loved every minute. A great production that all can be involved in.'
Chris Barrow - Bedford Modern Junior School

PERFECT PUPIL tells the story of a school inspection that is conducted using a robot. Bored with his usual life the son of a government minister substitutes himself for the robot with unpredictable consequences. Eventually OSIRIS, the real robot appears at the school.
'All in the Stars' and 'Cinderella's Sisters'
ALL IN THE STARS is a hilarious farce full of crazy characters and strange situations that occur at the time of the birthday of King Confort. As well as problems with his personal astrologer the King has evil twin sisters plotting against him and a visiting princess to entertain!

First performed by Kentwood Players Kids, Los Angeles, USA, one of the directors wrote, 'The kids love it! We love it! I can't wait 'til we open, it's hilarious. The pace is brilliant. Thanks for writing it.'

CINDERELLA'S SISTERS ...HAPPY EVER AFTER? tells how Clorinda and Tisbe react when they lose their servant. They decide to become kind but there are unexpected results. Dreamaker Drama Education Center, Beijing, China gave the first production shortly after publication.
Mark Billen
Mark's plays have scripts have been highly praised for their suitability for young people to perform.

Mark has written plays available from other publishers.


THE ZORON - in which a sci-fi computer game causes chaos and confusion.

THE RED KING - a satirical farce for adults and older youth drama groups.


Details can be found on Mark's 'School Play Scripts' website.

TALES FROM THE FOREST - is a collection of stories featuring the imaginary village of Whytteford and The Forest. Published by Black Pear Press. A sequel - 'WHEN THE GORSE IS IN BLOOM' was published in 2017.

Mark has also created a series of books for young readers about HENRY BEAR AND HIS COUSIN FRED that are sold in aid of Action for Children.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
All in the StarsCinderella's Sisters... Happy Ever After?Seeking Sleeping Beauty
Bl... Bl... BluebeardPerfect Pupil 

The first production of 'Seeking Sleeping Beauty' - Wells Central School, Hamilton County USA

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