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Olivia Arieti
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
About The Author
Olivia Arieti was born in Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower and of Galileo Galilei. She spent her childhood in Miami Beach, her teen years in Milan and Detroit and she graduated from the University of Pisa. Since a child, her parents encouraged her to write and now she is a published author.
Her works include holiday-themed plays, sketches, one acts and adaptations mainly for children and young adults.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
A Double-Decker For Santa ClausA History Lesson for Turkey BoyMrs Santa Claus's Tea Party
E for EasterThe King And The Goose GirlRabbie Burns' Night
Galileo & Co.The King's Twelve HuntsmenRumpelstiltskin, Stella and the King
H for HalloweenThe Legend of Santa ClausSimpleton and the Queen Bee
Halloween in the LighthouseThe Little Hut in the WoodsA Too Naughty Cinderella
Halloween Party TimeThe Mayor's Christmas MasqueradeTwelve Odd Passengers
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Celebrating Saint Patrick'sNight IntrudersTo Be Hamlet
Cupid's PieOn Our OwnTramp Business
Jamie Freel's HalloweenSanta Claus is Calling 
Never Be LateSweet and Spooky 

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