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About Stephen Scheurer-Smith
Cambridge born Stephen is a professional actor, roleplayer and playwright. He has been writing and directing plays since 1985 with many published under his non-professional name Stephen Smith before he joined Equity in 2009. In 2010 he formed Big Squirrel Productions to present his plays with the most recent ALANA performed at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. To date he has produced 23 plays with 14 so far published. He is currently directing new plays by his daughter Kattreya which will be touring the UK during 2017/18 before a run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.
About Births, Deaths & Marriages
Up to 2011 I had either directed or appeared in all my plays with Waterbeach Community Players. However once I decided to form my own theatre company I wanted to finish at WCP on a high. I therefore eventually conceived my most ambitious production to date, a triple bill of three different plays that are linked by the same family over a course of two years. It was an eighteen month project that saw two of the plays ANNIVERSARY (2010) and ARRIVAL(2011) compete separately at drama festivals with ONCOLOGY having it`s premiere when all three played together in a run at Waterbeach in May 2011.

I like to think that all my plays are character driven dramas but some veer towards comedy and some towards thrillers. In this triple bill ARRIVAL is a thriller drama, whereas the other two are comedy dramas with ANNIVERSARY having elements of farce so I have all bases covered ! Comedies tend to be based on a real life event and thrillers on something I had read. The idea (not the content) of ANNIVERSARY came from attending my Uncle and Aunt`s fiftieth wedding anniversary. I had originally planned it in a double bill with ONCOLOGY but when the title idea of BIRTHS DEATHS and MARRIAGES came I needed to write another play concerning birth and that`s how the plot for ARRIVAL was born. In fact in all three plays nobody is born, dies or gets married but each play has one of these themes.

ONCOLOGY is my most personal because it is based on my visits with my mother to the Oncology Clinic at our local hospital. I was struck by the moving sight of various couples sitting quietly, as if at an airport, and you knew one of them had cancer. I told my mother it would make a powerful play but she said I would have to wait until she died. I vehemently disagreed, but we both knew she was right. I knew my mother would want me to find as much comedy as possible for such a serious topic and that was the hardest task in writing this play and the biggest worry when it was staged. I was therefore amazed at how many audience members identified with it and rated it their favourite. My mother died in 2009 and this is my tribute to her.
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 Births, Deaths and Marriages 
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