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Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Hello and welcome to my author’s page!
My name is Mary and I live (and write!) in Hampshire in the UK.

I love to write bold and experimental comedy/drama for children, teens and adults that has real heart to the story. That’s the plan anyway! But please take a look at my plays and judge for yourself.

I began writing a couple of years ago, but I have had some early successes. My first script was longlisted by the BBC Writersroom in their short film script competition, a short horror story I wrote for Create50's Twisted50 competition was selected for their 'Twisted's Evil Little Sister' anthology and my short play for pre-teens on the Lazy Bee Scripts website called 'The Game' has been produced a number of times in the United States.

I’m currently exploring writing for different media, including film and play scripts, sketch comedy, short stories, flash fiction and novel writing, as well as trying different genre styles.

As well as writing I also direct, including plays and some of my sketches.
My writing
My plays on the Lazy Bee Scripts website are mostly short, around 5 to 20 minutes in length, which have small casts and are low cost to produce. Ideal for schools, drama groups and anyone wishing to explore drama through short works.
• Longlisted - BBC Writersroom ‘A Bum Deal’, 2016.
• Winner - Create50's 'Twisted' short story writing competition for 'A Deadly Countdown' (Flash fiction story), April 2016.
• Finalist - Create50's 'Impact50' competition for 'Perfect' (Short film), February 2016.
• Quarterfinalist - ScreenCraft Short Screenplay competition for ‘A Bum Deal’ (Short film), May 2015.
• District winner 'Best Production' - NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) for ‘Last Train to Nibroc’ (Director), July 2012.
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
 The Game 

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