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Luke Reilly
Working in the Following Genres:
Full-Length Plays
About Luke
Luke is an author/actor, having trained at the prestigious East 15 Acting School. He works as a professional actor, giving him an informed perspective on what works, from both technical and performance sides. He has written the libretto and lyrics for two musicals - one of which, "Torn", had a trial run of songs performed at The Leicester Square Theatre in central London in 2012.

Luke has been writing ever since he can remember, and is currently seeking representation from literary agents for a series of novels he has been developing since he was 8 years old.
His Pantomime
Luke has always been a huge fan of pantomime, and has supported his local theatre groups since he was little. His pantomimes are aimed at gutsy groups, ready to take pantomime into the 21st Century. He carefully selects songs and music that forward the plot, and encourages groups to take creative liberties with his scripts.

While he retains the old panto traditions, Luke adds his own modern twist and fresh approach to the age old stories. Whilst he gives the audience exactly what they expect from their annual panto, he provides it in an unexpected and amusing way. His scripts are written with not only children in mind, but the parents who return year after year - Luke wants to give them something new and refreshing to watch. Our heroes won't necessarily end up together, the villain won't always be who we expect and certain panto animals may not be as camp and colourful as we've become accustomed...
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Hickory Dickory DockA Postmodern PantomimePuss in Boots [Version 5]
Jack and the Beanstalk [Version 7]The Princess and the PeaRed Riding Hood [Version 3]
Full-Length Plays
 Rapunzel [Version 2] 

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