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Sharon Hulm
Sharon pictured as Queen Guenivere in TLC's 'Knight Fever' (picture by Robin Warne)
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Full-Length Plays
Sharon Hulm
Sharon is the author of a number of popular pantomimes that have been performed across the UK and internationally and has also co-written a sketch show with Geoff and Vera Rogers. By day, Sharon is an exhausted and hard working science teacher at a secondary school and at weekends writes scripts and occasionally struts her stuff on stage.
Pantomime (by Sharon Hulm)
Behind You!Goldie Locks And Some Other GuysPirates!
The Big FreezeJack in the Land of NodTrouble in Pantoland
Cinderella [Version 8]Percy and The Holy Grail 
Double TroubleThe Pied Piper [Version 6] 
Pantomime (by Sharon Hulm, Geoff Rogers & Vera Rogers)
 Oh No It Isn't! 
Full-Length Plays
 All The Little Dickie Birds 

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