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Sharon Hulm
Sharon pictured as Queen Guenivere in TLC's 'Knight Fever' (picture by Robin Warne)
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Full-Length Plays
Sharon Hulm
Sharon is the author of a number of popular pantomimes that have been performed across the UK and internationally and has also co-written a sketch show with Geoff and Vera Rogers. By day, Sharon is an exhausted and hard working science teacher at a secondary school and at weekends writes scripts and occasionally struts her stuff on stage.
Pantomime (by Sharon Hulm)
Behind You!Goldie Locks And Some Other GuysThe Pied Piper [Version 6]
The Big FreezeJack in the Land of NodPirates!
Cinderella [Version 8]Percy and The Holy GrailTrouble in Pantoland
Pantomime (by Sharon Hulm, Geoff Rogers & Vera Rogers)
 Oh No It Isn't! 
Full-Length Plays
 All The Little Dickie Birds 

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