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Stephen and Rachel Humphreys
Rachel and Stephen
Working in the Following Genre:
A father and daughter team
Stephen writes pantomimes in collaboration with his daughter Rachel. "A father and daughter writing team works well," he says, "because we both benefit from different perspectives." They began writing together when the local amateur dramatic group, to which Stephen belonged, wanted to put on a youth production. Stephen directed the pantomimes, and Rachel did choreography and played various parts. They both agree that working together means allowing the other to be a critical editor, or as Stephen explains "I tell Rachel how to structure a scene, and how to plan a character arc, and then she tells me how to make it funny."
Background information
Stephen is "around 50" and lives in Southampton. He has worked at various times as a psychiatric nurse, a gardener, a relief postman and an overnight parcel sorter. He writes blogs, magazine articles and plays of varying degrees of seriousness.

Rachel is the youngest of five children, and says growing up with four older brothers made her both resilient and determined. She is a dancer in training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and she lives in Glasgow with her best friend Joe. She loves ballet, pizza and cute videos of puppies.
Pantomime (by Stephen and Rachel Humphreys)
Puss in Boots [Version 8]Sinbad the Sailor and The Mysterious Island 
Pantomime (by Stephen and Rachel Humphreys)
 Peter Pan - A Pantomime 

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