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About Sarah
Sarah loves to entertain, whether it's performing stand up comedy, improv comedy, straight acting or through her plays.
She wrote and directed 'Dearly Beloved', a supernatural comedy drama, which played to rave reviews from captivated audiences in Edinburgh and around the country in 2015. She has had two successful solo comedy shows at Edinburgh, ('Bumfluff & Brimstone' (2011) and 'Constant Craving' (2012)) and she has taken her stories and silly gags to pubs and comedy clubs around the UK. She is currently writing a book 'Cracking Speech Mate' and her new play 'Crunch' which will be performed in 2017.
About Dearly Beloved
"A brilliant production superbly delivered."

“An engrossing and entertaining production. An intriguing premise which keeps you involved right to the end.”

“Highly recommended. Evoked memories from our own childhood, which added to the comedy value!”

"An incredible show, well written and extremely well performed.

“Sometimes you can discover a little gem of a production at the Fringe. ‘Dearly Beloved’ is one such gem, you’ll laugh and cry for all the right reasons… this production just might get you thinking… Highly recommend.”

"Brilliant story, acting and entertainment - what more could you want!"
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 Dearly Beloved 
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'Peter, Abbie and Lacey' - Dearly Beloved

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