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Debi Irene Wahl
Debi Irene Wahl performing as Aunt Fanny Jane Crosby
Murder Mysteries
A Little Crazy works!
My family members tend to become larger-than-life characters in my books and scripts. If they do not want me to write about them, then they should get counseling and become less whacky!
What Works?
I do. I am a professional singer and entertainer who writes late at night because I simply cannot sleep. My husband snores, which also is not conducive to sleeping. If I don't get the stories out of my head, they might commit murder in the middle of the night cutting off his ventilation so I can sleep. It seems more prudent to get up and write!
Family and training
See the earlier text! But in all honesty, being the mother of three, the wife of one (and in that order) and the grandmother of several, my family's disfunction becomes fodder for my writing. I am blessed and grateful that I am able to work in this crazy and unique field of entertainment.
Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to peruse the scripts that hopefully will continue to be accepted by Lazy Bee Scripts. Blessings!
Murder Mysteries
The Monster MashedKiller Chili 

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