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Author's professional background
Carolyn Kain is a qualified Drama Teacher. In her early career she taught Theatre Studies and English Literature to secondary school pupils and Sixth Form students in London. During this period she continued to study and was awarded a Distinction by the Open University and a Diploma by University College, London. Since moving to Portugal 15 years ago she has worked as a journalist.
The author has written books for children published in the UK. She currently produces articles, features and series for newspapers and magazines, Her most recent eight part series explores the secret life of Hans Christian Andersen, published by The Resident newspaper. For several years she wrote a weekly column entitled 'Letter from the Algarve' published by Euro Weekly News.
She writes, performs and directs plays with a theatre group in the Algarve, Portugal.
Since living in Portugal she has acquired a special interest in the country's history and its links with the UK. The oldest peace treaty in the world exists between the two countries and royal marriages have helped to cement this political alliance. 'The Rhyming Diary of Mrs Pepys' follows the ups and downs of the marriage between the English King, Charles II and the Portuguese Princess, Catherine of Braganza. The King's numerous mistresses and antics in the bedchamber are particularly humourous aspects of the production.
The play was first performed in 2015 to an English speaking audience at Sao Bras Museum. Over the next four months it was staged at numerous venues in southern Portugal where it received considerable praise. The extraordinary ending invariably amazes the audience. Researching the subject thoroughly Carolyn Kain has established close links between the illigitimate children of Charles II and the present day royal family. This clever twist is played out in the final scene.
One-Act Plays
 The Rhyming Diary Of Mrs Pepys 

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