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Philip and Steven Schwadron
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Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
About the Authors
Identical twins Philip and Steven Schwadron began their professional acting careers at the age of 13, appearing on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning musical revival of On Your Toes. They also appeared on television in Cheers and Beverly Hills 90120, and on film in Safe Passage, She’s Out of Control, The Applegates, and Steal Big, Steal Little. Both received Bachelor’s Degrees in Theatre Arts from California State University, Northridge. Philip has an MFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts, and taught at the Orange County School of the Arts. He recently published his first book, It’s Not Hard to Learn the Bard (A Guide to Introducing Shakespeare to Teenagers), available on Amazon. Steven has a Master’s Degree in Education, composed original music for Shakespeare in the Park in Long Beach, and has taught theatre in Calabasas, Lynwood and South El Monte, California. The brothers write and perform songs for the comedy vocal group The Poxy Boggards.
Full-Length Plays
 As You Like It (60-minute abridgement) 
One-Act Plays (by Philip and Steven Schwadron)
 Ladies' Room 
One-Act Plays (by Shakespeare abridged by Philip Schwadron)
 As You Like It (60-minute abridgement) 
The Poxy Boggards

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