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Louise Bramley
Ironhead & Knuckles from A Little Bit Sketchy
Cardigan Coast set - Wairoa Little Theatre 2012 production
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Full-Length Plays
I want to make people laugh...
I love to laugh and make people laugh - that's why I write comedy. I'm a New Zealander and I believe we Kiwis have a pretty warped sense of humour, something we share with a lot of other nationalities I'm sure.
Theatre gets into your bloodstream...
Every play I produce I swear never again! It's too much work and it takes over my (and my family's) life. But it's too late now - the love of theatre has entered my bloodstream and I don't think there is a cure.

Most of my experience has been with community theatre and that is what I tend to write for although I like to think my plays would work equally as well in larger venues.
My body of work contains not only plays but novels as well and I can't decide which I prefer writing so keep slogging away at both.
Full-Length Plays
Aliens in the ParkA Little Bit SketchySamuel Stickleby's Saucy Secret
Cardigan CoastThe Monster of Morgrave Manor 
Aliens in the Park set - Wairoa Little Theatre 2017 production

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