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Peter May
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Working in the Following Genre:
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Background Info
Peter lives on the Isle of Wight with his wife Cheryl May (playwright Cheryl Barrett). After Peter's hilarious wedding speech elicited plenty of laughter Cheryl encouraged him to write. During a very wet week in April 2018 Peter put pen to paper and wrote a dozen comedy sketches. His first sketch,'The Finger Of Fate', was performed by Cheryl at a local Townswomen's Guild meeting to much laughter, which encouraged him to write more.
Peter waits for an idea to 'pop' into his head then will write the sketch in longhand without editing. He admits to having a weird sense of humour at times.
Future plans
As well as continuing with his comedy sketches Peter hopes to develop his script writing skills. Peter and his wife Cheryl are also working on ideas for future joint writing projects.
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
Between Rock and Roll and a Hard PlaceThe Finger of FateService With A Sneer
Cut to the ChaseIn The Same BoatStonewinge
Don't Stand on CeremonyMonkeying Around 
Every Dog Has Its DayOnce More Unto the Breeches 

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