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Alison Smith
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Full-Length Plays

Alison was born in Birmingham and raised on a staple diet of big band music, the whimsical humour of Flanders and Swan, the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Round the Horn and her parent’s stories of what they did in The War.

Alison joined amateur operatics in the 1970s, a period when no self respecting Am Dram society was without its resident Am Dram Diva. The Am Dram Diva was a lady of advancing years and receding, or limited, acting and singing ability yet somehow she was always cast in the leading teenage romantic role. Bedecked in her big pink hair bow and nylon crinoline gown, The Am Dram Diva reminded Alison of the crochet toilet roll holders that graced 1970s bathrooms the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Alison made two decisions back in 1978. To never own a crochet toilet roll holder and to never become one.

Fast forward forty years and Alison has been true to her word because, as theatre groups focus on shows with younger casts, the age appropriate roles she would consider auditioning for are limited in both number and appeal. So, with five decades of life experience to call upon, she has turned to writing small cast musical plays for and about the subject she knows best. Women. Their lives, their loves and their loyalties to each other and to those they care for. Her love of Northern Soul music is evident in Too Many Fish which is named after the Northern Soul classic Too Many Fish in the Sea by the Marvelettes. In the words of the Lazy Bee Reviewer 'This is a lively and original piece. The strong female presence and the musical element will make it a popular choice for certain groups, as will the minimal but extremely clever set design.'
Full-Length Plays
 Too Many Fish 

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