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John Chambers
Working in the Following Genres:
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays

John has been a professional writer for 25 years or so, dividing his time between television (over a hundred hours of popular drama) and stage with over 40 professional produtions to his name. The theatre ranges from having work premiered at most of the Reps in the North West of England to profit share to which he has consistently returned because he loves the intimacy of the medium. I suppose my stage writing could be categorised as irreverent, radical, hopefully funny and, on occasion, pushing the limits in terms of style (and good taste!)

Previous second productions had tended to come about through people having seen the first production or people who already knew of John's work. Since joining Lazy Bee however my plays have not only been produced around the UK, but globally. What's especially good is would-be producers can have a dekko at the script to see if it's right for them. I've been so impressed by the take-up and feed-back that I've started to place new, unperformed work with Lazy Bee. I like the immediacy of the way it works (not having to wait 6 months for a response from an unsolicited submission to a theatre company).

John hopes that you find something amongst his work that grabs you - or at least causes pause for thought...
Full-Length Plays
 His Shoes Were Far Too Tight 
One-Act Plays
BottleKecksSpirits of the Age
Daffodils Make Me SneezeLazy DazeWhere There's Blame
Framed In A WindowMarigolds - Piling on the Agony 
Jiggy JiggyRaw Materials 
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
The Bags Of A Commercial TravellerMarigolds 

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