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Read complete drama scripts on line. Copies of the drama scripts and performance licences are available from Lazy Bee Scripts

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Play scripts currently available on the Lazy Bee Scripts site:-
Scripts for one-act plays

Death in Character

Miss Glossop comes to Tea

Dead Ringer

 Work in Progress

Miss Glossop's Weekend Break

The Golf War Widows

 Don't Mention the Dream

A Time for Farewells

Scripts for full-length plays

The Ghosts of Marvin Grange

The Affairs at Meddler's Top

The Long Road

 Sherlock's Excellent Adventure

 The Fumblings at Friar's Bottom

 Three Musketeers

Write About What You Know

The Perils at Peddler's Cove

Charles Dickens' Christmas Eve

The Murder of Arthur Bennington

The Scramblings at Spriggly Torch 

Theatre Scripts for young actors and Play Scripts for Schools

The Phantom Thief

Invasion from Planet Zorgon


The Fourth Princess

Mrs Clutterbook's War

The Chair

Butterfly Shoes

 The Farmer and the Charuba Seeds


Minny Pinny Makes a Difference
(a musical play for junior schools)

Stoneybroke Hall or
The Time Machine

 Drama Club Must Die! 
(a musical play)

 A Trip to the Beach

Sherlock Holmes
& the Emerald of Alcazar

Little Bigfoot 
(a musical play)


I Didn't Think

 Megan and the Golden Key
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A parcel of rogues
The photo gallery includes photographs from productions of some of these plays.

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