Scripts for Full-Length Plays

Drama scripts (generally in two or more acts) to fill an evening's entertainment
from Lazy Bee Scripts

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Find the right Full-length theatre script for your group
We have interpreted "full-length" as any play that might stand alone for an evening's entertainment.  Generally that means longer than one hour.
All the scripts can be read in full on the Internet.  Click on any of the underlined text to see descriptions of the works in your chosen category (from where you will find links to the on-line text)...
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  Browse through descriptions of all our full-length plays (there are lots of them!)
Note that the scripts from these pages are the ones that we think are suitable for performance by adult groups.  For scripts for youth theatre groups, see our kids' play scripts pages.
  The Full-Length Drama search engine allows you to select a script by number of characters, run-time, age of participants, and lots more!  (This is a sub-set of our full search engine.  Use the full script search engine if you want more search parameters, such as the ability to search by author and theme.)
Full-Length Stage Plays Sorted by Run-Time Full-Length Plays by Genre
60 to 75-minute plays Comedy
75 to 90-minute plays Farce
Plays longer than 90 minutes Melodrama
Note and Disclaimer:  Run-times are estimates from word-count.  Actual times will vary considerably, according to production.  The 60 to 75-minute scripts are on the boundary between one-act and full-length plays. Mystery
Full-Length Drama by Theme A few miscellaneous categories of full-length scripts...
Play Script Collections (these are collections of shorter scripts which might be performed together)
Musical Plays
Oddly, these are mainly scripts for which we don't provide full sets of sheet music!  They are generally plays where the author has specified the use of songs (frequently "popular songs") as a counterpoint to the drama, as distinct from a Musical, where a composer has written specific music for the show.  (For shows for which we provide music, see the Musicals pages.)
Family Shows
This category covers shows (other than pantomimes) that are aimed at family audiences.  (Generally humorous and with musical elements.)
Science Fiction
Sherlock Holmes
Full-Length Drama by Cast  (These are just a few major categories, you can find scripts based on other specific cast numbers by using the full-length script search engine)
Plays with all-female casts Plays for 1 to 4 people (maximum 2M, 2F)
Plays with all-male casts Plays for 2 to 6 people (minimum 1M, 1F)
Large cast plays (generally with a chorus) Plays for 4 to 8 people (minimum 2M, 2F)

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