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'Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour' by tlc Creative

Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour by tlc Creative
Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour
A second set of 8 adverts for fairytale products and services to enhance your show programme.
by tlc Creative
A set of high definition scaleable .jpg images for you to insert into your show programme.
  • A mix of 6 portrait format advertisements to fit on a quarter of an A5 page (63 mm x 91mm) and 2 landscape format designs (132.5 mm x 91 mm) to fit on half an A5 page
  • This version in colour. (Also available in monochrome.)
The Adverts include:
  • Happily Ever After - Fairytale counselling services (1/4 A5 landscape)
  • Life Laundry - Transform your image with a Widow Twankey make over (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Crazy Daisy’s Cow Barn - Exchange your unwanted family cow for magic beans (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Goldiloctite - Rapunzel reveals the secret of her strong and long hair! (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Simple Simon Consultants - Specialist help from an expert (?!). (1/4 A4 portrait)
  • Cash for Eggs - Trade in your golden eggs (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • - Getting Princesses and Frogs together! (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • The King’s Men - Have you got what it takes? (1/4 A5 portrait)
'Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour' - Pricing and Buying
Spoof Fairytale Adverts (Set 2) - Colour available for download in PDF format £5.00
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