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Murder Mystery Search
Minimum Number of Roles Male: Female: Information
Maximum Number of Roles Male: Female: Information
Use at a Party (where guests perform/solve the mystery)  
Performed to an audience (who solve the mystery)  
Audience (pretend to be) gathered for a specific event  
Costumed event (audience could dress up)  
Scripted Dialogue  
Improvised Dialogue  
Audience members interrogate the suspects  
Written Evidence  
Other Audience Interaction  
Note of caution: Treat these figures circumspectly.
Times for scripted elements are much easier to estimate than times for improvisation or audience interrogation of suspects!
Scripted Elements run-time Min: Max: Information
Improvised Elements run-time Min: Max: Information
Audience Interrogation run-time Min: Max: Information
Minimum Number of Solutions  
Scripted Denouement  
Detective-led Denouement  
Maximum Number of Sets  
No Set or Furniture  
Furniture Only  
Simple backdrops/flats  
Practical door(s) and/or window(s)  
Headline Author (the writer or group who created the mystery)  
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