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Read complete scripts for plays on line. Copies of the play scripts and performance licences are available from Lazy Bee Scripts

Play scripts Each play script is displayed in a Java applet which loads when you load the page. This may take a few seconds, so please be patient! (See FAQ for how to read scripts off-line.)
All the scripts on this site are copyrighted. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Click here for details of the licensing arrangements.

This page is for play scripts longer than 20 minutes and not specifically written for children.

The following link will take you to plays for schools or youth theatre
Likewise for Sketches, Skits and short plays (less than 20 minutes)
The rest are plays with run-times of 20 minutes upwards, (generally) for adults...
Comedies:          One Act         Full Length
Farces:          One Act         Full Length
Thrillers:          One Act         Full Length
Whodunnits (1):          One Act         Full Length
Mysteries:          One Act         Full Length
Drama  (2):          One Act         Full Length
1    In addition to the whodunnits, we have interactive murder mysteries
   (Generally used for various forms of dinner theatre.)
2    The Drama category covers everything that doesn't fit with the other categories
   (apart from musicals and British pantomimes).
   Generally that means serious plays, although many have comedy elements.
General Notes    There may be overlap between the categories! 
   Some of the categories are huge.  To help you narrow your search we have
   various ways to search the scripts database

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