Scripts with Religious and Moral Themes

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Plays with Religious or Moral Themes
For clarity/simplicity the plays are divided into categories (click on the category name to see a summary of the plays in that category, with links to the on-line text of each play):-

New Testament Play Scripts

Christian plays, linked to New Testament stories

Christian Commentaries

Drama which explores the relationship between Christianity and society.

Old Testament Plays

Drama based around bible stories from the Old Testament.

Plays with moral themes (not specifically religious)

This category covers plays that are not specifically religious, but which carry a moral message.

All the plays described in the above categories can be read in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site. (Click on a script title to see the complete scripts.) However, all the scripts on this site are copyrighted. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Click here for details of the script prices and licensing arrangements.


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