The comments on this page come from customers who bought
Aladdin (by Stuart Ardern)
This is not the result of a systematic customer survey process - the comments are biased: they are what people wanted to tell us!
An excellent script. People went away happy and entertained and the kids involved got a great deal out of it, which is what it is all about. The Genie of the Ring sections went down the best - a combination of a great performance and some great comic lines. I would certainly recommend your scripts to any interested company.
[Feedback posted on 10 January, 2002]
We bought your script of Aladdin and put on a successful pantomime earlier this year.
[Feedback posted on 12 September, 2003]
...what a success our production of Aladdin was recently.... The students and audience really enjoyed themselves and we have had some really positive feedback.
[Feedback posted on 20 December, 2004]
I love the aladdin script that you wrote. Tight , well written and a lot of fun.
[Feedback posted on 10 August, 2004]
The children very much enjoyed playing the pantomime (very difficult for 11 to 16 yr olds), but I think they did it justice!
[Feedback posted on 27 January, 2003]
This is one of the best scripts I have ever been involved with. It is funny and corny in all the right ways, appealing to adults and children in equal measures. Nothing smutty or inappropriate for children. There is plenty of visual humour, a fast pace, and bags of space for adding local colour. All the props and scenery required are easy for an amateur society to provide, and producing it has been the most fun I have ever had on the amateur stage. Top marks for a top script!
[Feedback posted on 12 February, 2006]
This script is fantastic. I co-directed it in February this year. The characters are good and strong, and there are plenty of parts for many different chorus members. Hilarious jokes. And some fantastic original songs/lyrics. I would highly reccommend this script to amateurs and professionsals.
[Feedback posted on 22 September, 2006]
We have just performed Aladdin & I wanted to let you know how well it went. The audiences have thoroughly enjoyed it (including your corny jokes!!). You might like to know that the Matinee was particularly well received. I noticed (as Director) that the children in the audience were paying attention all the way through, reflecting a well written script (naturally).
[Feedback posted on 21 December, 2009]