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King Henry VIII (by Geoff Bamber)
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Henry VIII - A Brief and Unreliable History, by Geoff Bamber. Our children's theatre company have performed quite a few of Geoff's plays now, and this one was by far the most delightful! It's the most wonderful, funny, beautifully written play for kids to perform, because it doesn't talk down to them. My group range from 8-13 years, and they coped extremely well with Geoff's dialogue. So much so, that we were overall winners of the Leverhulme Youth Drama Festival in April this year, gaining by far the most points for originality, content, performance and direction. Geoff's script was given a special mention for it's fluidity and humour. I would have no hesitation doing another of Geoff's scripts - I love them and my group does too!
[Feedback posted on 20 November, 2006]