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Sinbad (by Stuart Ardern)
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I thought the originality of the script was excellent although some of the jokes were very corny indeed and I hope all audiences will groan as much as I did. The different characters came across really well, in both the script and the production making it a lively show that all age groups can interact with.
[Feedback posted on 18 February, 2006]
We did your 'Sinbad' last Christmas and it was declared our best panto ever. The front-of-tabs genies got rid of the long pauses between scenes and we added belly dancers and a sand dance for a bit of local colour. I went to see the panto at the Barbican and although they do have one or two noticeable advantages (eg a proper stage!), I thought our script was better than theirs - and so was our Dame.
[Feedback posted on 13 March, 2007]
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the script for Sinbad, which we have just completed our run of. Great script and, although I was initially reticent about the music, that worked really well and was a lovely change to picking popular "pop" songs and recycling them! With whales and giants and pirate ships on a relatively small stage, it was a real challenge but really rewarding.
[Feedback posted on 20 January, 2013]