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Bl... Bl... Bluebeard (by Mark Billen)
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The sixth and seventh grades saw the play and many teachers thought it was the best our drama club had performed. I credit the script for that - the play was very funny and the language was easily understood. There were many laughs from the adults when Bobbity asked Bluebeard for a 'few tips' on his many wives. The students loved the sheep (I had live actors bleating in sheep costumes), the bodyguards, the bossy queen and air headed princess, the village girls voting for Boulotte, and of course Bluebeard (especially the fight with Bruno). The last scene with the bomb and audience involvement worked well. At middle school level more girls than boys audition. I look for a script that has at least 10 girl parts, ideally extras that could be girls - the villagers and courtiers. Girls like to dress up and be pretty, so the May Day scene was good. Violence or dastardly characters are a big appeal for the boys. A dungeon with an evil owner and a sword fight scene appealed to them.
[Feedback posted on 22 December, 2005]
I used this play for our drama club's annual production - the club is open to children in years 4, 5 and 6. The dress rehearsal was performed in front of the whole school whilst we put on an evening show for parents, etc. The performances went down really well, the adults appreciated the humour and many commented afterwards on how good the script was and asked where I'd found it. Several members of the audience said they hadn't laughed as much in ages. I would certainly recommend this script as it is well written and does have some very funny lines. Although the play is set in 1777, I decided to "up date" it and this worked very well for example the village girls were Goths and Boulotte a "chav" with Bluebeard dressed as a Laurence Llewellen Bowen look alike.
[Feedback posted on 13 October, 2006]
The play was a great success and the audiences loved it, there was a lot of laughter. Many people commented that it was one of the best scripts we have ever performed at the Junior School in 14 years so that’s praise indeed. We had a short guy as King Bobeche and a tall girl as the Queen. When Bluebeard announced he had placed a bomb there was panic and I’d instructed the King to jump onto the Queen who held him whilst he quivered in fear and this brought a huge laugh.
[Feedback posted on 8 March, 2012]