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The Waiting Room (by John Waterhouse)
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It was performed 2 weeks ago and you'll be pleased to know it was very well received by the audiences. The kids who performed it (aged 14-18) did a good job with it. It was a good show for their age range.
[Feedback posted on 9 April, 2015]
Our young actors enjoyed to play The Waiting Room, and the audience was very interested in those dialogues that confront us with one of our biggest fears : the fear of death and the longing for immortality. Young drama students had absorbed with passion some characters wich were very similar to their lives. Very good receptivity with dealing with those nuanced challenging characters put in a large variety of situations and places. A pleasant experience to young performers and audiences. (Teatro Malaposta, Lisbon)
[Feedback posted on 22 April, 2015]