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Sleeping Beauty [Version 5] (by Julie Petrucci and Chris Shinn)
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This was a lovely script, the cast really enjoyed it, and our performances were very well recieved by the audiences. The whole process of finding, purchasing scripts with Lazy Bee is so easy, thank you
[Feedback posted on 9 January, 2013]
Having just Directed this I would say a funny script but needs work to make it a success. Certainly not one for those who are new to it. Scene transition a problem in places and had to add to the script. Decided to make the pigeon into a running gag through the panto and even had one flying across the stage. If anyone needs pigeon jokes I think I have the worlds supply!!! Song suggestions good but rather old and tricky to get all on karaoke as we have no musicians. The suggested repeats are a bit tedious so avoid if you do this one.
[Feedback posted on 18 January, 2013]