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The Happiest Day of Your Life (by Stephen Gillard)
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The Happiest Day of Your Life is an easy to stage, light hearted comedy where a bride and bridegroom wrestle with the question of do they love each other enough to go through with it, moments before the wedding. Both decide the best course of action is to get their respective bridesmaid and best man to make the decision for them, driving them mad in the process. It was chosen as Compton Little Theatre's debut entry in the Leatherhead Drama Festival 2015 for the Sir Michael Caine Drama Awards although with an unexpected change. Due to not enough men auditioning it was successfully adapted to a same-sex marriage play tying with the change in the law from March 2015. The author, Stephen Gillard, kindly agreed to the adaptation and we are pleased to say he and his fiancé enjoyed watching his play being performed before Compton's audience on a special preview night and then again at the Festival. We finished in the top 5 and 'Special Mentions' for the two actresses playing the comedy
[Feedback posted on 20 August, 2014]