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Greece! - The Musical (by Sue Gordon)
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We have just finished our two nights performances of "Greece The Musical". It was a tremendous success. Everybody loved the story, the lyrics and the music. Our cast ranged from five years old to fifty-five and everybody had something to do or say. Props kept to a minimum - one cardboard Ancient Greek Boiler some Grecian Urns and a small box of fire. The Chorus and Mortals (difficult to tell which was which, really they were all Chorus) stayed on stage from beginning to end - sitting down when they were not required and standing when they were. Of course the wonderful weather helped, but all and sundry say it was the best Summer Production we have ever done last year we did Drama Club Must Die which was also a success, but Greece outdid everything. I'll be getting in touch again next year.
[Feedback posted on 4 July, 2006]