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Darra's Coffin [One-Act Version] (by Roger Woodcock)
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I directed this play (October 2013) for an am-dram company in eastern Victoria, Australia. I wanted to direct it from the moment I read the first page; I NEVER laugh out loud at scripts, but I did with this one. It's a gentle-yet-ever-so-slightly-black comedy, in the best tradition of English stage comedy. We were free to tinker with the script slightly, in order to update it or make it comprehensible to Australian audiences. The script also allows plenty of latitude for directors and actors to bring their own perspectives to the play and characters - even to the extent of substituting alternative dialects for all but two of the cast. (Gladwyn and Terry are clearly Welsh, but the rest can be from just about anywhere - even Australia!) It's not a static talkfest, there's plenty of physical comedy, and even the occasional touch of sentimentality, though never enough to overwhelms the comic theme. The best test of all - the audiences loved it. Looking forward to future works from this playwright.
[Feedback posted on 5 November, 2013]
Darra's Coffin is a great fun, slightly dark, comedy which had our audiences laughing from start to finish! We originally presented and directed this play for a Drama Festival in South Devon. The first play on stage over three days of theatre, Darra stayed in the audience and adjudicator's minds through to the end, carrying off the three top awards - Best Production, Best Actor and, most rewarding, the Audience Appreciation Award. Because of its success in the Festival we were invited to present it for a run at the theatre which came in as runners up - a very generous accolade - it was fabulously received! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this play to any reasonably accomplished company, we can even help with coffin provision! Contact me at phil@3tc.co.
[Feedback posted on 25 July, 2017]