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A Human Write (by Amy Sutton)
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Just wanted to say that our performance of “A Human Write” by Amy Sutton was a huge success on Saturday – 22 teenagers aged between 12 and 17 were able to reduce the audience to tears (apparently!) Thank you to the scriptwriter. Scripts are always difficult to find for large groups of youngsters – this one really worked. We also performed “Shop!” by Geoff Bamber - also well received with a smaller cast of 17.
[Feedback posted on 3 July, 2017]
This play won the 2018 Aberdeen SCDA District youth competition and the Kincardine district trophy.
[Feedback posted on 25 February, 2018]
This should not have come through the feedback channel, but we left it here as it may be useful...
Hi, Given feedback from the recent SCDA festival, we would like the change the gender of the writer from male to female. We only have female cast members and it’s confused the audience and adjudicator having the writer as male but being played by an obvious female. Do we need Amy Sutton’s agreement to make this minor change ? Kind Regards Peter
The answer was yes, this did need the author's approval, and that approval was granted.
[Feedback posted on 13 March, 2018]