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A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen (Musical) (by Sue Gordon)
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This play was performed by 6 and 7 year olds. They did it really well, enjoyed the humour and so did the mainly adult audience! Really well-written play and have since used a Sue Gordon play which was equally funny and clever!
[Feedback posted on 20 October, 2009]
We are doing This play at school,I am the little mermaid and i sing a solo,and everyone joins in,It is a verry exiting play and i cant wait to peform it,Its realy good from Bonnie
[Feedback posted on 6 June, 2009]
Great humourous script, received well by audiences giving laughs for kids and adults alike. The music CDs are handy with sing-along versions of each song and then the separate instrumental only for once the cast is solid with the songs. Many characters but doubling worked well so long as you pay close attention to the scenes each character appears in to avoid quick costume changes wherever possible. Large number of characters required large wardrobe from costuming team. We were able to work with very limited set pieces... 1 desk on casters, several chairs, and a rolling rack for the Emperor's robes. Our cast included 22 children aged 6 to 15, with 1 adult to play the Emperor. We encountered quite a few questions about what type of play this was, is it appropriate for children, etc. despite listing on our posters and online advertising that it is a humourous play for all ages - keep the design focused on the most familiar fairy tale characters.
[Feedback posted on 16 June, 2015]