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Murder! Mystery! - and Suspenders? (by Karen Doling)
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Firstly I must explain that I am writing as the director of the theater not as a performer in this particular play. Though the play has some ammusing lib and asides within it, I wouldn't particularly call it a mystery as the culprit is fairly obvious within a half hour of the performance. I make this comment after one reading and had "sussed" out the murderer long befor the end of the play. A very weak aspect of the play is when Megan whispers in the Inspectors ear and he suddenly leaves the stage. Now having read the script a number of times I am still no wiser as to why this should happen or indeed what would have made Megan do such a thing, Perhaps Karen Doling could throw some light on why this was written in. Having said that,the script is lighthearted and easy reading and would be well within the capabilities of all amateur groups.
[Feedback posted on 3 June, 2009]