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Cinders (by Geoff Bamber)
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We've decided to go with your script as it was much funier than the others we looked at! It does need to be trimmed down as we can't fill the full cast and we're ideally looking for a 15 minute panto.
[Feedback posted on 28 October, 2003]
I recently agreed to purchase the script for Cinders....Thank you so much, my youth group absolutely loves the play!
[Feedback posted on 5 February, 2004]
....Last term we performed "Cinders" for the rest of the pupils and it was absolutely hilarious!!
[Feedback posted on 3 January, 2004]
I am looking forward to the script arriving and getting started..!!!.....Great script for our crew.
[Feedback posted on 27 November, 2003]
I must tell you that my students LOVED doing this. They really enjoyed the challenge of learning the lines.
[Feedback posted on 23 December, 2003]
...the children are loving the pantomime and we are looking forward to performing it soon.
[Feedback posted on 22 November, 2004]
We have two more rehearsals before opening! We are having a ball with it.
[Feedback posted on 4 June, 2004]
We loved performing this. We split a couple of the parts in two - we had two narrators and two ladies in waiting - and we had 4 'placard bearers' to hold up "No!" etc. signsfor audience participation to ensure every girl (we are a large Guide unit) had a part. After much rehearsing you forget how funny this panto is - they brought the house down. We used no scenery and the props are easy enough to provide. As complete amateurs, with no experience in drama production, this was fantastic to do and a great length for a young cast. I wouldn't want anything longer/more complex. Recommended.
[Feedback posted on 6 January, 2006]
We had a fantastic time putting on this panto. Staff and parents played the roles which resulted in a hilarious show - the children loved it! I'd be happy to share our experiences and what music we used etc. We would all highly recommend this script.
[Feedback posted on 28 February, 2007]
This was our most successful school show yet. The script is ideal for the age range (Primary 6 and 7). The school has a very good reputation for Christmas shows, but the response from the audiences was fantastic - we had many comments that the show was better than the professional Panto in our local city! I'm definitely going to search for another Lazy Bee script for our next show.
[Feedback posted on 21 February, 2008]
We are a special needs senior school and took on the challenge of performing a pantomime for our Christmas production this year. I just wanted to let you know that it was a HUGE success. All the pupils (and the staff!!) loved the witty script and every single pupil took part. They all learned their lines and It was so rewarding to see how all the characters developed and the audiences just loved it. Please pass on my grateful thanks to Geoff Bamber. I?m already looking on your website for the next one.
[Feedback posted on 20 December, 2008]
Thank you for this excellent play. The children absolutely loved rehearsing this, especially Petunia and Begonia, and many parents couldn't get over what a fantastic evening they'd had. The script was brilliant and perfect for our Year 7 children. Many thanks. Diana December 2008
[Feedback posted on 20 December, 2008]
This was an excellent panto. The audience laughed out loud all the way through! It was great fun fun for all not only on performance night but during rehearsals too!! Highly reccomended. Geoff Bamber is really truly gifted. Will be choosing one of his 'pantos' again this year.
[Feedback posted on 3 October, 2009]
We used this play for our Y9 production week show (the pupils - all girls - have a week in which to prepare the play) and it worked superbly well. There are some really funny moments and we added musical numbers with dance routines at the beginning, at the end and in the Royal Ball scene (scene 7) that added to the fun. Thanks for making our week such a success - great fun was had by all!
[Feedback posted on 10 July, 2011]