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Romeo and Juliet (by Geoff Bamber)
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This is a great fun-to-do play with opportunity for lots of bit parts for a bigger cast. There are 12 speaking roles, few props and scenery can be as basic or as fancy as you wish. We did this play with a very mixed cast of young people (6yrs-16yrs, and heights ranging up to 6'4"), and it worked really well.
[Feedback posted on 18 April, 2007]
We loved this play. [6th graders, incredible!] Since our audience and the actors are speakers of SPANISH [we live in Mexico] we made a few additions, for example, repeating some phrases and some words, to help the listeners "catch on" and to call their attention to what is being said. The presentation was way beyond our hopes. It was perfect, with flashes of "genius" from the actors (according to me ... the fledgeling director).
[Feedback posted on 26 June, 2008]