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The King of Spain's Treasure (by Geoff Bamber)
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Just to let you know that King of Spain's Treasure went down a storm at the weekend! I added a few blasts of appropriate music.....The children were fantastic!.... Thanks to you and Geoff for a fantastic script!
[Feedback posted on 22 June, 2004]
Just wanted to tell you that Junior Ditcheat Players did their performance of The King Of Spain's Treasure last Saturday and it was very successful. Well done to Geoff Bamber.
[Feedback posted on 19 April, 2005]
Well, eat your heart out Sir Ian McKellan! We had such fun doing your play on Boxing Day - from my mother in law at 83 who elected to be Wardrobe and Props, to my nephew Chris who made a splendid Blake Jake... being fed his lines by my mother aka One Eyed Pete, we overacted magnificently and had a real afternoon to remember.
[Feedback posted on 28 December, 2003]
It looks really good and I think we'll have fun with it.
[Feedback posted on 3 February, 2005]