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The Act Of Living (by Robert Scott)
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We as a cast just put on our presentation of this play this weekend. What a rousing success this show was! We just wanted to send a thank you to the playwright. If you could please make sure that Mr. Robert Scott gets this message. In a night of one acts that our College of Theater was putting on to showcase the array of theater talents in our department this One Act was so well received and, as my professor said, a great slice of life. It was the hit of the night, the hit of 6 one act shows! One acts that included many well known and popular plays, comedies and dramas. We have gotten an endless stream of comments on how great a find this play was. We am so privileged to have been able to find this show and put it on. From a production standpoint, this show was as enjoyable to produce as it was to perceive. Thank you ever so much, Mr. Scott, for the use of your show. From the production team and cast, from North Central University of MN-USA, Ian Burt (Tom), Alicia Brown (Evelyn), Rebekah
[Feedback posted on 25 April, 2017]