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Blood On Canvas (by Richard James)
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Our theatre group, the 'Attic Players', chose this play by Richard James and another called 'White Lies' which he also wrote. We read a selection of about 5, I think, which we bought from Lazy Bees as reading copies, and the unanimous choice was to perform both these plays as Act 1 and Act 2. it was only then we realised both plays were written by the same author. No coincidence really, they are both superbly written, and incredibly well observed. Our audience loved them, and the feedback has been very positive. They are relatively simple to stage, and we used 'White Lies' for the first half with a couple of customers in the restaurant for 15 minutes before the play actually began. Definitely recommended. Also thanks to Lazy Bee scripts for refunding one night's fee when we had to change our dates a few weeks before the run.
[Feedback posted on 22 August, 2016]