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The Affairs At Meddler's Top (by Richard Coleman)
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This was a fantastic play to perform. I did it with my Year 10 GCSE class in their first term, and thoroughly it. We rehearsed over 8 weeks, and were greeted with fabulous praise by the audience. The script is full of one liners, to suit all age groups, the play is structured logically with the courtroom scenes alternating with all other scenes, to provide an ongoing narration and commentary. The play is well and truly hilarious. My pupils loved the scope and challenge. Practical advice: judges' wigs are expensive. We made some from long sheets of cotton wool sewn onto beany hats. Messy, but cheap! Noel Coward songs were excellent to link the scenes, and the theme to Rumpole of the Bailey worked a treat to introduce the court scenes. Internet fancy dress sites provided costume and props. We had to add extra characters as the GCSE class were over the 18 cast, so we added 2 cooks, a stenographer, a clerk and a police cadet. It was tremendous fun! Thank you!
[Feedback posted on 4 January, 2008]