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Beauty and The Beast (by Stuart Ardern)
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We have just performed Beauty and the Beast to great acclaim in a West Wales village and we found it an ideal script for performing with a group of mixed age amateurs. The two Igors were played by boys, the Prince and Belle by teenagers, Mrs Bustle by a talented and energetic amateur actress and the two sisters by men. With Lazy Bee Scripts' permission, we split the witch's part into two (with exceedingly few changes of script), creating the Black Witch and the Red Witch. This worked well. The music suited our group just fine, we are not particularly gifted in that area but found the melodies easy to learn and the words great. We shall certainly do a Stuart Ardern script again.
[Feedback posted on 31 January, 2011]
we have been getting some fabulous feedback about our production of your panto, including numerous compliments on the script. It has been huge fun to put on, the kitchen scene in particular is very well received.
[Feedback posted on 19 December, 2013]
Hi Stuart We are very pleased with the script for Beauty and the Beast. It's very funny, lots of 'business' to do, and having the songs and music complete in the script saves a lot of chasing around. We tried these out last night, they are easy to learn and we think will be much enjoyed by the audience! I have purchased the PR today for four performances. Thank you very much indeed. Regards Sandra Crittell
[Feedback posted on 12 September, 2015]