The comments on this page come from customers who bought
Hood (by Geoff Bamber)
This is not the result of a systematic customer survey process - the comments are biased: they are what people wanted to tell us!
'The Hood (Or was it 'Hood'?) was a big hit last spring!
[Feedback posted on 4 January, 2005]
This is my first year to teach theatre arts, so I don't have a storehouse of scripts to use for the students' performances. I really appreciate your website and the kids love the play. I had to cut it way down, though, to fit into our short class periods. (We are performing this play in class for instructional purposes only.)
[Feedback posted on 23 November, 2004]
Just to let you know that we had our first performance on Friday evening, and it was a hit. Thanks for making these plays available!
[Feedback posted on 3 May, 2004]
We are enjoying rehearsing Hood, although as I am Director of music I am changing the songs and music - sorry. I think it is a fantastic service that you can view the script before buying. Do you know of a similar service where music is concerned as I spend a lot of time buying music which is not appropriate?
[Feedback posted on 19 May, 2004]
..... My class is having such a good time rehearsing and are looking forward to presenting it in May.
[Feedback posted on 8 March, 2004]
[Hood] was purchased to use in my classroom as we had studied the medieval period for our integrated programme and drama is an ideal way to reinforce the concepts. The children thoroughly enjoyed the play and I am hoping to purchase another this year to do with my class. Thank you!
[Feedback posted on 11 May, 2005]
I am just writing to say a huge thank you for your help in providing us with an extremely successful script. We have just finished performing to our audiences over the past 2 nights and the shows were fantastic. We have received a huge response from parents, friends and associates of Stratton School congratulating pupils and staff on such a magnificent performance.
[Feedback posted on 8 December, 2005]
Wow. This story was good.The kids loved it and the audience never quit laughing. It let some ofthe actors improvise and fill out characters in their own way. I should have charged admission. All the seats were filled. As it was, the kids really had fun and it fit well into the end of the semester production.
[Feedback posted on 27 January, 2006]
Hood went down very well [at an international school], and our audience seemed to get the humor better than they did some of the pantomine jokes [used in other productions.] (We have a big American contingent here, and the panto really comes across as very British!)
[Feedback posted on 18 January, 2006]
A really great, fun show for those of you looking for something that is not too long and very child friendly. The children loved doing it and there was plenty of scope to make sure the whole class got involved. With a few touches added to suit our school this was a real hit with everyone who saw it.
[Feedback posted on 19 December, 2006]
I am a child who was in Hood. I was 11 years old and I really enjoyed doing this play as it made us all laugh. I was the native guide. I think that anyone else wanting to buy this play should. it is the best. Even Geoff Bamber came to see our play - also we were in the paper. so thank you for writing this play Geoff. Molly
[Feedback posted on 28 August, 2007]
I did not buy this script but was in it! I really liked it and performed it as a end of year show. I played the native guide and everyone loved performing it! Geoff Bamber even came to watch one of our dress rehursals. I really loved the play and I would recommend it to anyone!!!
[Feedback posted on 7 June, 2008]
This script really was wonderful. 'Hood' was perfectly suited to our group with a great variety of characters. The kids had so much fun, they loved the story and the audience loved it too! The kids are so eager to do another one, and we will be using Mr Bamber's scripts again! Highly recommended.
[Feedback posted on 15 December, 2011]