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Babes in the Wood (by tlc Creative)
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A fantastic script that really went down well with the audience and suited the cast. It's great for a mixture of ages to perform! We had a brilliant time. Thanks
[Feedback posted on 10 December, 2007]
Thank you. Great to have bought in a script I actually like!
[Feedback posted on 12 September, 2004]
We thoroughly enjoyed performing Babes in the Wood, to our first sell out audience. It didn't take much to update the topical references for an Australian audience, and both adults and kids alike where in stitches laughing at the humour. We performed with an all youth cast, so it is still possible to bring out the comedy of a pantomime with teenagers. We are greatly looking forward to doing our next show, also by TLC.
[Feedback posted on 13 October, 2006]
A great script and the children all loved taking part. All ages and the audience approved too!!
[Feedback posted on 2 June, 2009]
This script restored my love of pantomime. Strong traditional characters such as The Dame, The Sheriff and his two side kicks, the Fairy, Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women. Great lines and scenes. The school and kitchen scenes are classic panto. Highly recommended if you're having a hard time finding a good script! One of the keys to our success was using songs that were in or recently in the Top 40 on the radio.
[Feedback posted on 12 June, 2011]