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The Haunting of Hardup Hall (by David Lovesy & Steve Clark)
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Hi Stuart, After a year and two terms of teaching retirement I was pulled back into Gad's to teach drama for the summer term (in addition to being exams officer). So once again I prevailed on Lazy Bees to provide me with scripts for our House Short Play Competition. I have pleasure in informing you that The Haunting of Hardup Hall by David Lovesey and Steve Clark was the winning play. I perused your whole catalogue of short plays before finding three we hadn't performed before with between 6 and 10 characters. Luckily I slip back into retirement in two weeks because I don't know what I would do next year, perhaps write them like my replacement did last year? So please spread the news to your authors - short plays, large casts please. There's an opening out there! Regards Tony
[Feedback posted on 25 June, 2015]