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Cinderella (by Stuart Ardern & Bob Heather)
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Many thanks for the script our committee loved it and thought it was very funny (i love the knock-knock jokes). We used your script of Cinderella in Feb [2005] ( which was very successful ).
[Feedback posted on 2 September, 2004]
The script I bought was for a group of my Y11 drama students to work on in lessons after their exam had finished with a view to perform it in class to other Year 11 students before they leave. The script has caused great hilarity, and the students have had great fun working with it, so many thanks.
[Feedback posted on 11 May, 2005]
We actually 'performed' today and had a great time. The students performing were great, but the other students watching really entered into the spirit of things and also had a good laugh.
[Feedback posted on 18 May, 2005]
Cinderella was a huge success for Barnes Charity Players last week. We were sold out for the week and everybody said it was our best panto ever, - lots of silly jokes and "don't touch the custard", great stuff. And the transformation scene worked like a charm and got a round of applause every night.
[Feedback posted on 6 December, 2007]
... we used your Cinderella two years ago, which went down extremely well....
[Feedback posted on 8 January, 2003]
Can I just say that this is the 7th panto we have performed and it had to be the best and funniest script we ever had. The cast laughed their way through rehearsals despite having heard the lines numerous times. They Knock Knock jokes went down a treat with the children and the adult jokes were greatly appreciated by the Mammy's and Daddys. If we can get our hands on a script half as good for next years show please tell me about it. Marvellous script, guaranteed successful show with this script
[Feedback posted on 11 February, 2006]
Our first ever production! We have never laughed so much as we did when putting this together. Even though the performance was in the school hall, the script made it easy to adapt our facilities to it. The audience went out laughing and the buzz went on for weeks. We even got a mention in the local paper (Panto can save the world! - Boston Standard) as an audience member wrote to tell the world how good it was. Lasting friendships forged, expectations exceeded and a standard set for next year - Thanks Stuart!
[Feedback posted on 22 February, 2007]
I directed this script for Thurso Players in Dec 2003. It was a superb piece of writing to work with. The cast had fun with the jokes and routines. The audiences loved the finished results and photographs of the production appear on the Thurso Players' website at:- http://www.thursoplayers.ukf.net/page6past.htm I am now about to direct my second lazybee production Greece - The Musical for a youth drama festival in March 2007. I compliment you all on making reading a script online so easy. This is one of the best online publishing services I have come across. John Glen Chairman Thurso Players
[Feedback posted on 19 November, 2006]
Thanks for the sample copy I have laughed all the way through act two with tears rolling down my face....It goes to the Panto committee next week, you will know if they like it as much as I do when we order the whole production from you..! Wonderful British panto at its best..
[Feedback posted on 23 August, 2008]
Although we had some reservations about the script to begin with (too many Knock Knock jokes) it turned out to be a BRILLIANT panto and we have just finished a run of 4 nights to a packed hall and everyone said it was the best Panto they had seen for ages. We all loved performing it and I would receommend it to any group
[Feedback posted on 18 January, 2009]
This script and show was a sell out. The audience Loved it. The cast had a wonderful time rehearsing and performing. The American audience took to the pantomime concept with great enthusiasm. We did a little fair with games for the children to play before the Show and encouraged the children to dress up for the Show. We had lots of princesses, mermaids, tinker bells in attendance. The other big hit was to let the audinece come on stage afterwards to have their picture taken with a cast member.
[Feedback posted on 6 August, 2010]
Thank you once agian Stuart & Bob this script was fantastic, the kids had a great time and the audiance enjoyed the performance and humour. i am about to start looking for another scrpit for this year, will let you know which one i will use.
[Feedback posted on 23 January, 2012]