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Captain Hook's Revenge (by Richard Coleman)
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.........My kids really like the plays on your site!.......
[Feedback posted on 19 January, 2005]
So far only the Director (myself) and the Production team have read the script and we are very impressed and found it very funny. ....I have also recommended your site to our Youth Theatre Co-ordinator, who is looking for a one act play for a competition.
[Feedback posted on 12 October, 2004]
.... the script looks great, and with a good sprinkling of fairy dust, so (hopefully) will we...
[Feedback posted on 17 June, 2004]
Hilarious play. As an American company, we found the British sense of 'humour' to be right up our alley. There are many opportunities to put your own brand of jokes in this. If you have always wanted to do PETER PAN but could not fly or have a huge cast, this is the play for you. our audiences loved it as did our actors. Thanks for a great theatrical experience.
[Feedback posted on 5 April, 2011]