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Robin Hood and the Singing Nun (by Stuart Ardern)
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I congratulate you on having written the music as well as the script. I know you said that they were original, but I didn?t think that meant you had done everything!
[Feedback posted on 16 August, 2003]
Just recovering from the party last night after our 'fabulous' pantomime. Bures is a small village but we certainly socked it to them over the last three days. 32 in the cast and a further 15 helpers all say a big thank you. Your script was a break away from our tradition and although there were a few shocked villagers, reeling from the adult jokes, the 99% consensus was that this was the best pantomime we have put on for many a year.
[Feedback posted on 6 February, 2005]
We had a preliminary read through as a group last night and everyone found it hilarious. It should suit us down to the ground.
[Feedback posted on 15 December, 2003]
We have just performed this panto to a full house every night, and had an absolute ball. Very funny and clever script. Thanks.
[Feedback posted on 2 February, 2007]
I'd just like to say what a brilliant panto it is. I'm playing the dame and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part. We've had an extra bonus, as a group of ladies who'd been taking part in a 'Sing your heart out' club in the village have joined the cast as the singing nuns so it's going to be a nuntastic performance!
[Feedback posted on 24 January, 2012]